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Opened the Valve, NO Steam!

Anyone know whats happening with the Steam update!
I downloaded the beta a few weeks ago, worked fine, now I start
Steam it kicks straight into an update where it freezes ?

No information on the website either, you would have thought
there would be some kind of acknowledgement.

The beta is no more. The full version has taken its place. Theres several different varieties of the full version as well. A huge 700+ MB one that contains all the mod files, and individual mod versions of steam as well with a smaller size. The CS 1.6 Installer seems to be the one most people are grabbing right now. Its 380MB and you can find it here: http://www.halflife2files.com/file.info?ID=18828

Electronic Punk

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You need to start afresh unfortunatly... install Half-life and it's mod first tho and it will convert them for you... or as much as it can.

But, unfortuantly it is down for work at the moment.
is it true that you just need to download "steam" and then enter in a CS CD Key, and it will download Counter Strike and you can play it like that? Do you need the cds or anything? Sorry to ask a question in your post, but it just seems convinient.

Electronic Punk

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well the best thing to do is install half-life/cs retail first before installing steam.

Then once you create a new account it will convert identical files (1.5 -> 1.6) in both CS and HL and any of the supported mods into the new cache system, then giving you the option to uninstall HL.

I only have a Steam directory now, and have fully cached files for everything that is currently available on there :)

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