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opendns....your thoughts

Dark Atheist

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is anyone here using it, is it that good, have you noticed any performance (faster loading times of pages) and such through using it, is it safe, and more important do they log you.

ISP's dns at times is a bit pants and looking for another option

Dark Atheist

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might give it a go then, just i do on-line banking - just checking balance rarely a transfer to a friend, so was just concerned about that really


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Even if they do logging, what are they going to find out about you? The fact that you prefer bigger sized women with small boobs?

Come on, like your traffic out of all of the traffic they are getting is going to be interesting at all.

I run my own resolving cache on my local lan. That way when I query for google.com it is sitting locally in cache rather than on some server on the net.
I've used OpenDNS for awhile and find it pretty stable. I have no real idea about logging. I do know that from the first release of the DNS patch they were updated while my own ISP was not.

There are instances now and then when I have a glitch with OpenDNS but I've also dealt with DNS issues with ISPs before. The really can't say anything negative about OpenDNS. I'd recommend trying it and doing a comparison between using it and your own ISPs DNS servers.

Dark Atheist

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its a dns server (domain name server) helps to resolve names like osnn.net to the name from its ip addy
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Wait, what is OpenDNS and how and why would I use it?
Very simple to use. Here's the website: http://www.opendns.com/

More about OpenDNS: http://www.opendns.com/how/dns/turning-names-into-numbers

It allows safer web usage by allowing site filtering if you want and will block bad sites, adult sites, etc. You can change the settings as you see fit.

It's free and cake to use. Set up an account to manage your settings. Then under your LAN settings manually set the DNS server IPs to be the ones used by OpenDNS: and

Electronic Punk

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But where does that point from there X?
Been using Opendns a few weeks and haven't really noticed if it is faster or slower although I did make the change once Neowin had moved servers - looks like Pipex is particularly slow!


Beware the G-Man
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I use OpenDNS at home and we have been using it at work also. It works quite well.

And as rotjong said, "It's Cake". Plus all the other good stuff. :)

American Zombie

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I have tested using OpenDNS and my ISP's DNS servers and saw no difference at all in speed or routing times.
I can imagine that some people may see a diference though depending on how their connection is routed.

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