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Hi all!
I find the [win]+r key (brings up the "run" dialog) very useful and I use it frequently to start programs, open folders or to open web pages.
The only problem with opening web pages throgh "run" is that they are opened in the default web browser window (I use Internet Explorer 6) and not in a new window which is what I want it to do. The same thing goes for opening URL's from other programs such as Outlook.

So.. Does anyone know a way of opening an URL from "run" in a new window so it doesn't replace the web page in my web browsers default window?

Perhaps something like " -newwin"
ctrl + n makes a new window. Use that, then win + r, then type the url.
Thx for one good solution...

It requires me to activate one of my IE-windows first though... Thought if I might be able to skip that step, but I am a bit lasy I guess. After all, it's just alt+tab a few times and ctrl+n :)

Plus I dont need the "run" command then. Just pressing F6 would let me enter a new web page address. So the whole thing with using "run" is no more...
There is actually a setting for this!
in your Explorer window, goto Tools/Internet Options
On the Advanced Tab is a tick box called 'Reuse windows for launching shortcuts'. Untick this and you have just what you need :)

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