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Open Source Software for Windows

A lot of people don't know the advantages of open-source software, and end up paying a ton of money for apps that do basically the same thing as their freely available open-source counterparts.
First of all, since open-source apps are under the GNU Public License (GPL) they're obviously freeware. Secondly, since the source code is freely distributed, the software is constantly being improved and bugs are fixed very often. This gives you an app that's not only free, but also very reliable and feature-rich.

So anyways, the point of this thread was to share with all of you a great site that I happened to come across. Basically, it lists some of the most common commercial apps in various categories and lists their open-source counterparts. The author of the page has also included his own comments on each piece of software. It's similar to the link I had posted in this thread that lists Linux counterparts of common Windows apps.

Check it out...you might find something you like: :D
Open Source Software for Windows

And if enough people find it useful, I might stick the thread for future reference. :)

EDIT: SpeedY_B also suggests stopping by http://www.sourceforge.net to get the latest versions of open-source apps. ;)


I may actually be insane.
Heh, I actually use half the stuff on there, after I format all I ever have to do is pop to sourceforge and grab the latest versions of everything :D


I may actually be insane.
The stuff off that page that I use is:
Mozilla, FileZilla, NcFTP, Miranca ICQ (now called Miranda IM), Real VNC, Tight VNC, PuTTY, Lynx (links is better though), Dorgem, Fwink, wget, cURL, nmap, zinf, coolplayer, vDub, CDex, VideoLan, OpenOffice.org, AbiWord, HTML Tidy + Tidy GUI, Legacy Doom, Tenbrae (well, tenbrae2..same thing though), 7-Zip, CygWin, Active Perl, Snort, X-Chat
Open source is the name given to software that is developed by programmers and given to the public for free. Not only is the fuinished product free but the source code is free also. That means that another programmer can come along and add stuff he thinks is really cool to the original program or reuse parts of it in his own product as long as he doesn't try and charge for his product.

Any software that is called open source has to be distributed for free since it contains the work of others that was donated only for free use. You can charge for support of the software or a distribution fee.

The entire Linux operating system is based on open source code.
There are excellent knock offs of Windows office programs that are compatible with the M$ products. Multiple national governments have told Bill Gate$ to shove it and are switching from windows to Open Source Linux and the M$ Office clones.

Some open source runs only on Linux, other open source runs under Windows. You can set up your computer to boot from either Linux or Windows and share a data disk.

Many of the open source programs are much more user friendly than Windows applications and open source products are much less of a target for hackers than M$ products are.

PS Yes, Bill Gate$ is nervous, that's why he is branching out into home entertainment appliances and game consoles.

Jason Roberts

Oh. I understand Now. (nods head slowly). Thank you very much for your explaination. :D
I have a fully legal set of MS Office XP CDs (well semi legal we have two sets of discs for one PC cause dell screwed up :p) but I still use OpenOffice, and its only like 13MB or something like that


I may actually be insane.
The Open CD is a nice idea, but it's not updated regularly enough (obviously it would be a pain to follow every software release)
Which is why I like Sourceforge, they have the most updated projects on the front page, so you know that you're not downloading something that won't be bugfixed for months.
Originally posted by Glaanieboy
The Open CD for Windows contains some freeware. It's an ISO which you download and burn. It does contain some older software though, but it gives you the idea.
That would have been a nice idea, but understandably, it's not very easy to keep the pack current when each of the apps are updated every so often.
The more programs link on the site has a nice list though. :)

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