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The modern day but sci-fi idea, is awesome, yet its another MMO, just another. And what I mean't by if the trailer was the game, well I mean if I could play a game that looks like that, that will be the day.


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Trailer was awesome. The fact that its a MMO is a pretty big turn off though, I'd prefer the intimacy of a single player game to convey the awesome lore and back history they claim is in the game. Oh well though, I'll definitely keep an eye on this one.
I think it'll be quite good as an MMO if they do it right.

There'll be issues of some random n00b breaking your immersion occasionally but they do that in real life as well. Since its set in the modern day world I don't think it'll be much of an issue.

Ragnar managed a decent story driven MMO in AO until the addon packs started coming out. I think he'll do the same with this one.

Its a pity he didn't work on AoC though.


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The fact thats it's an MMO got my attention, else it would have been brushed aside. :) A CGI trailer didn't really do anything for me though. I hope it's nothing like that really. Sounds like it could be cool from the interview though.

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