Only a few suggestion(s)/observation(s) from a Newbie


I did type that?l
1 - Hi --- and I glad to have discovered you-all. :)

2 - On the "register at OSNN Forum", you wisely display a variable Image Verification to protect the community against Robots. That is fine and great.

But ... Some of these images are hard to read for older males with vision problems. While, fortunately, I am not color blind, I would like bet a penny against a dollar that there is somebody out there that is.

For me, the "Refresh Image" caption did not exactly imply that I could get a more readable image. I am not say that I am right or smart, but sharing my thoughts.

Suggested "improvements" in this and other text boxes:

3 - Please add a running characters left-to-type counter on this and other the text boxes.

4 - I wanted to write 'Please provide a print option in the "preview post" window". But I have just discovered how the preview post generates an "full" preview window above the "text" entry window. Great! This is the first time that I have seen this feature.

5 - Likewise, please consider some sort of named "save as" for continuing an edit later.

6 - I like the flexibility of manipulating the text within the box, but is there some method of the user changing height and width of box, within some reasonable, documented limits?

7 -Yes for item 4; I should be using note pad on my other monitor, cut and paste here in this monitor --- but I never said that I was clever or that I could proof read that that I had just typed. Maybe, I am a candidate for a screen reader software? Any body has any suggestions? My work around is not clean nor is the use of the "File>Print..." sequence.

8 - How can I do a legally capture the "Smiles" for my private use? On the smilies on the right. I have noticed that dragging produces colon-ed text box and the end effect in the preview box. (My experimenting to learn curve is showing. :suprised:)

9 -What tools have you used to build this particular text box. This monkey see, this monkey wanna do, Imitation is the greatest complement that I can pass.

10 -I may be retired (retarded?), but I make a "mean", chattty remote tester. Maybe even agile? [For this sentence whose first line just ends in the last position, seems to not to allow the normal "double space" ending to be displayed in the preview pane. Bug?]

Simply said --- excellent design and attention to usability.
1. Hi! Have a cookie!

2. This is a known limitation of the technology. I personally see no other feasable way of reducing fraudulent sign ups such that this can be avoided.

3. This can be recommended to the developers of the message board software. Whether it is implemented is down to their time, resources and development roadmap.

4. This has been standard in vBulletin for some time.

5. MS Word :)

6. Not client side yet. Can be changed in the source code.

7. MS Word has a spellchecker and grammar checker you can use.

8. You can't.

9. vBulletin:

10. Uhm.. Have another cookie :D

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2. Well with the fact we do moderate the first post it may be cool to turn off, perhaps it can be made a little clearer or bigger?

3. Might well be easy to add anyway?

5. Recommend notepad myself - have had my work chewed up many times before and it is immensely frustrating.

6. The boxes do have down arrows up in the top right that you can use to increase the size.

8. Right click on them and save as, however there are hundreds of smilie sites that have far better ones than here. I suspect.

Thanks for your suggestions :)

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Was going to mention something along the lines of penis and screen rubbing.
But I am not going to lower myself to Punk's level.