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online job postings?


My company is looking to hire someone in the engineering/CAD field and I was wondering if anyone knew online sites that are free to post the jobs? so far all the ones I have found are like $300+ thanks


We do custom Cabinets but I guess craigslist will work for starters. I didn't know places charged so much just for a 1 time posting. Hell I thought most would be free or cheaper than the $300 places like monster.com and ajcjobs.com charges. I don't see why companies pay so much but i guess they get what they pay for.


kcnychief, tried a few of those and they say its "free" but in the long run you have to pay to post. I hate how they trick the consumer.


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mooo said:
kcnychief, tried a few of those and they say its "free" but in the long run you have to pay to post. I hate how they trick the consumer.
Damn the man I say, damn the man....


yea, but since its kind of a selected pos. I am afraid it would get lost in monster and the other websites.. I asked the owner and he knew a few woodworking forums that allowed to post jobs for $2 a post and its worked pretty well and surprising Craigslist actually turned out about 5 interested people.


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madmatt said:
My firm uses Monster now and again. We have better luck with the local papers.
LOL of course you would, you are in New York, and if you are not IN NYC,NY you still will get many apps who want NOT to have to travel in and out of the city... EDIT: provided you are near the city that is...

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Yeah, if the Times is one of the local papers we're talking about... :D What is the readership on that thing anyways? It's got to be rather high, as far as newspapers go. Newspapers in other cities/towns won't tend to see the readership of the NYT though...

As to the fee, I'd think that how much, would be a lot would also depend on the size of the company. Just here locally, forget size of, we do have Intel as a local employer on one side of the fence. $300 for a job posting for them, would be like nothing. But then I've seen some smaller businesses that only employ like 5 or 6 people. For the smaller business, $300 could seem like a lot. I'm not sure what the size of mooo's company is.

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