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Online ID Theft Ring Uncovered


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Sunbelt on Monday advised computer users to ensure that they are running an outbound firewall to prevent themselves from becoming victims of a massive identity theft ring that is gathering personal information from "thousands of machines" according to the company's research.
The FBI is also stepping in, and is currently looking through data sent to it by Sunbelt
with the media attention, and the plethora of information on the net ... if you are still gettings slammed, and scammed by spyware now ...

my friend was at home and got mail stating sorry he has been rejected for a credit card he applied for. He never applied for anything. Turns out someone stole his identiy and tried to get a credit card under his name. This kid is in the dark when it comes to computers. He doesnt even own a computer so he didnt do anything to be considered a "sucker". This truely is "unfortunate" as KCNYCHIEF states.

And just because someone is illerate to computers doesn't make them a sucker. You may know EVERYTHING about computers, and a brain surgeon knows EVERYTHING about brains and nothing about computers. Not everyone is extremely smart with computers. And someone who is extremely smart in computers surely has their grey areas. You can be scammed just as easy with car repair as computers. Does that make someone a sucker because they dont understand something and they get scammed?

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