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One PC, two networks question


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi all,

I have one XP workstation here. It is not connected to the Active Directory network here in the office. It has it's own modem and router to the outside world.

I would like to add another network card to it, issue an IP address from the network DHCP so it can browse a few network folders. I plan not to issue a DNS address on the second network card so it cannot get on the internet.

The goal: Browse network folders, while using the original network card for internet connection. Folders will be read only from this PC.

Can this be accomplished?



Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
If it's not assigned a gateway IP then yes. I have done this before with a wifi and wired connection on a laptop.

There may be another way but that how I fixed my issue (at the time my internet was down so I used a "Free wifi" but wanted access to my LAN still).

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