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one of the weirdest flashes ever. Salad fingers 6


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I had a weird feeling about that one after about 5 seconds into it. That is some sort of demented that can't really be explained, and I wonder what kind of mind comes up with it! Eerie.


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It's strange, some people either get Salad Fingers or others like myself just don't. It's disturbed for disturbed sake...no humor in that for me.
i LOVED all of the salad fingers, 1-5. Ah they are great. I dont have sound on the PC at work, but i cant wait to see part 6. :)

GREATEST flast ever hehe


Blame me for the RAZR's
glad i could help. just watched all of them. wow.. some reaqlly dark stuff. And mfarley there really isxnt aqny humor too these. more of laughing about how insane something in it is. but still very good. in a weird dark way.

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