one letter difference (True story, so maybe not so funny???)

I am frequently confronted with mis-spellings of my last name, Krijthe. I see it as Krythe, Krijte, Kryte, it makes you wonder how they misread the name in my e-mail address.

Anyways, one time I again got a letter sent to W.W. Krijte and complained about it to a friend. She responded by saying: "Don't make such a fuss, it's only one letter!"

I said "Well, one letter can make a world of a difference. Take for instance the word hunt, you change only one letter...", she interrupted me saying "ok, ok, never mind"

I finished "...and you have runt, and that's a totally different thing"

...for some reason she expected a different word... I wonder why :p ;)


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Actually, Krythe is an existing name, and I kind a wonder if it's a distant side of the family... or maybe not so distant???


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LordOfLA said:
depends how far away they are. the other side of the world would be pretty distant if you ask me :p
not at all - one branch of my family has lived in Indonesia for generations :p America is closer than that ;) Thing is, with migration to North America going on for centuries, the link might be way back...


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"One letter difference" true story:
I was graphic designer for a billboard company and had to do a sign for a racquetball club. They offered "Public Play" and somehow we left the "L" out of "Public". Luckily we caught the typo before it actually got posted in "Public"...


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Good one, and lucky you did see the error before publication... I know a university where they actually had an error like that on the frontpage of a book they used... it said manger instead of manager... can't imagine how they failed to see that...:laugh::laugh:

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