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Once Upon a Time in Mexico


F@H - Is it in you?
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just watched this flick and for the action junkies and fans of antonio banderas/johny depp... a good movie...

its been a while since I watched an all out action type flick and enjoyed it this much :)

mr rodriguez' trilogy ends with a definite bang here... the first film.. el mariachi was a decidedly low budget affair but it set up the character of El Mariachi nicely... little background information about his injured hand and his hatred of his brother and so on/so forth...

Desperado showed his anger emerge and his dislike of drug lords (and his brother who was partially responsible for the death of his wife)

this movie again takes off from the end of the last flick... which had banderas and hayek riding off into the sunset... and it is a good affair... johny depp is good in this flick but it is antonio banderas that I felt was the best character... he is displayed in a different light compared to the first 2 flicks (ok so banderas was not in the first flick... his character was :D carlos gallardo did a GREAT job in the first part of the trilogy )

there is some over-the-top stuff but its all in keeping with the first 2 flicks and Robert Rodriguez' style :)

I am a little disappointed with some of the editing... could have been more classy... but whatever... the movie was a joy :)

the chicks are basically bystanders in this flick... a few nice scenes but the show belongs to the guys in black...

once again banderas has a couple of mariachi friends to help him out... and once again there is no mention of how they got there... what their significance is and all that... :)

my rating...

for the pure adrenaline and humor factor... I will give it 4/5 ntfs stars...

recommended :)


F@H - Is it in you?
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Originally posted by o_87
lol, "ntfs stars". Sounds like a good movie, I might check it out.
where have you been the past coupla months :)

a few guys and myself have been rating everything using ntfs stars :cool:

thought it was only proper considering our current online location :)


Beware the G-Man
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Me gonna go this weekend... Have first two on DVD always fun to watch when in the mood for some serious action gun play. :D


Beware the G-Man
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Saw it on Saturday... I must say just the opening scenes get ya rite into it. :D

It is very intense in some ways... Johnny Depp is a wacko :p

All in all it does keep you in your seat to the end.

I think... if you're Hispanic (especially Mejicano... that's Mexican for you cracker jacks :p), you may get a more interesting view (think of it differently) with the coupe/revolt fighting scenes. Buuuuut, don't try to read into the story line tooooooo much.

Entertainment is the flavor of the day with this movie. :D

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