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Onboard sound or Older x-fi card?

Dark Atheist

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Have recently found some new windows 7 x64 drivers for an old sound blaster x-fi elite pro card I used to use under XP.

It says that it has re-enabled DTS and AC3 decoding so I thought I would give them a go, only thing is I don't have a digital cable with the 3.5mm jack on it so if i wanted to go pure digital i would need to use the asio box that came with it. (there is a a digi I/O on the card just isnt one on my speakers, only co-ax, TOS or the 3 3.5mm jacks)

Where as with the on-board card which is an HD audio card (don't ask me which i have googled for hours and not found it) the Asus site doesn't tell me what it is, but it has digital outs on it, both co-ax and TOS.

Question is if you had the choice which would you use?
X-Fi. The drivers will decode the DTS/AC3 data though they are only doing what FFDshow is doing for you any way in the same place as ffdshow - the cpu. You should still use the analogue outputs.

Dark Atheist

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ffdshow doesn't decode the dts and ac3 atm the speaker system does, i have it piped out as the logitech system can decode it, but yes i think i will go with x-fi card

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