Onboard sound not working


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8 Jan 2004
Hi guys while i'm waiting for my new sound card i thought i'd use my onboard sound ,but i cannot get it to work and i have tried everything.
Windows says it's working and it's my default device but i get no sound from the speakers any suggestions please?


ASRock K7VT2 mb (via KT266A chipset)
1ghz amd cpu
512 sdr ram
60gb hd
g-force2 graphics
(onboard sound AC'97 Audio)
Not to bash M$ but most everytime I find something isn't working right windows still tells me its "working". I would check for newer drivers from you mobo's manufacture site. Also maybe check to make sure its enabled in bios (can't see why it wouldn't be by default but who knows).
This may sound dumb, but hey, I've had this happen to me before:

1) Make sure your speakers are plugged in to the right port -- I've plugged it in to green before, and nothing. I plugged it in to yellow, and SOUND!

2) In your audio properties, make sure nothing is muted.
Thanks guys but i've tried all that which is why i can't understand why it's not working.
You see i had to buy a new MB last week and i bought a ASRock K7VT2 simply because it's one of the last boards that support SDR as well as DDR ram. I put my Creative sb 128 sound card in and all hell broke loose!! Apparently Creative and VIA chipsets are not best friends.Anyways i'm just waiting for my new sound card (Hercules muse dvd 5.1) to arrive and i just wanted to have a bit of sound in the meantime.
The only thing i can think of is the sound chip is F***ed! or there is some internal connection that i am missing.
I've dl all the latest audio drivers from ASRock but still nothing. I was just woundering wether anyone else has had this problem with AC'97 sound before???
There's nothing wrong with my speakers because when i put my sound card in they work but it's crap cause i got to turn off DMA for it to work properly.
I have a VIA chipset and run a SB 5.1 and works fine ... are you using newest VIA 4-in-1 or whatever mobo drivers your mobo maker has on site?
What OS are you running? I did some looking @ bios info for your board and I see ...
v1.10 - Made onboard AC'97 audio can force enabled by SETUP option in BIOS utility.
v1.30 - Creative sound card works under Win 98SE/ME.
I'm running xp pro and what's a mobo driver?
Yes i have updated the 4in1 drivers.
mobo driver = motherboard driver

i am currently having a similar problem... have only one speaker working with AC'97 lol

what are the 4 in 1 drivers and where do you get them from i dont think i have them... or is it just the stylus ones from viaarena.com

www.viaarena.com try that site... has a support forum. rubbish support but you may be able to find your answer here

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