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On Screen Display for Volume



I have a keyboard with buttons for mute and volume control. When I was using it with Windows 98, I would see a green display momentarily on the screen whenever I pressed one of the buttons (actually mute stayed on the screen the whole time the sound was muted). Now I'm using Windows XP and the mute and volume buttons still do mute and control the volume, but there's no more "On Screen Display". I kind of miss that. Does anybody know how to get Windows XP to do that? BTW, it's a whole new computer, I just re-used a few things, like mouse, keyboard, monitor.



you'll need to install the software for your keyboard. whos the manufacturer and whats the model #?



Sorry I to do that, I used to do pavilion support here in Az. Anyway the software program for the keyboard is on your recovery cd's if you have 2 it's on the 2nd. Under keyboards, or hplaunch somthing or another. There also a way to edit the display size and color though I belive through keyboard.ini. anyway the reason why uyou don't have them anymore is becasue the sofwtare is not installed anymore, if you search the old HP Pavilion support forums for HPpavtech57 (moi) there a whole bunch of stuff I documented on the keybaord software and launch features, as well as general Pavilion fixes/hacks/tweaks. Hope this helps


The Analog Kid
I'll clarify
If its from an older HP, it won't do everything it used to do

you will have to download the win2K drivers, or PM and I'll send them along.


You wouldn't happen to know anything about the MOBO in my box. I know its a pegasus, that's all. My box is (was) a Pavilion 9720/9800


It's a Compaq. The model # is SK-2800. I do have 2 recovery disks, so, although it's not an HP, I'm sure the solution is similar.

Thanks. I'll let you all know what I find out.


AmarSingh: yes, the old pc was a presario 5736. I tried the driver you gave me the link to, and it didn't work. It's not really a big deal, but it was a cool feature, and if I could have it on my new pc, i'd like to.


Yes, it is a compaq easy access keyboard. thank you for the link. i am very familiar with using compaq's "softpaq's" since the old pc was a compaq and I used it for 3 years.

I was already aware of the softpaq you directed me to, but I didn't try it because the new computer is not a compaq. I figured the softpaq's were only for the compaqs. But since you recommended it, I tried installing it anyway, but it didn't work.

It didn't seem to hurt anything. In fact, I can't see where it got installed on my new PC, if it did at all. It's certainly not listed as the driver for the keyboard. I set a restore point just before i installed the softpaq, but I did not revert back since it doesn't look like anything's actually been installed.

Thanks for trying to help.

Try looking around eBay.

I've seen some people that buy surplus keyboards in bulk and sell them in a Dutch auction. There's usually a download link to the drivers right in the auction description. If not, someone should be kind enough to send you a copy if you email them nicely.

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