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omg? me spending too much money?

the funny thing is i don't even know how this money got spent. i mean i go eat out every once in a while...and i spend a few hundred on clothes but besides that idk


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That is what it is. You are spending it and not paying attention to what you are buying. it goes fast, especially, when you don't monitor what you get .. I think the same way, every week I take 50.00 out of the bank to spend for work and such. By wed it is gone. All the little things add up after a while. Then, when you realize what it is you spent it all on, you kick yourself in the ass because you realize how stupid you were. Atleast I know I do anyhow lol ..
i bought a black polo shirt today *with a red pony* (very stylish) and i also bought an effing evo2 skin for my ipod. man im wasting my money on pointless things...o ya and i got an express shirt today!! its hot!!! and i spent over $12 at some sports bar....wow im lameee


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when you write them checks and spend that money you are supposed to put money back into the account. Ummmmm, you did know this rite?



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I agree with ~bk lol. If I remember right there have been a few threads and posts from you about buying things for your ipod and what not.

Don't worry man...i spent $25 10 min after my mom gave it to me the other day.

Alcohol is expensive lol

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Eh, these days they'd probably just love to reel peeps in, and then serve them the extra hefty interest rates (aka 25% and such) :devious:

Has anyone else ever noticed in their spam folder before how one gets numerious spam all to serve one with a credit card? They come one right after another... And then almost to the queue, after one has gotten many of these, they're followed about spam for credit management programs and other spam to "help one get outa debt" (which one wouldn't need without the credit cards)?

I swear, it almost seems like clock work sometimes :suprised:


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I say if you got it, flaunt it.

NetRyder said:
If I were a bank/credit-union, I'd be very careful before giving you a credit card. :D
It's the American way to live on credit. :laugh:
Ehh I can and have done worse than that at times. :eek: So you're not that bad. You just need to start making a budget and sticking with it(this is where things get tricky).
ya i get my pay check today. i'm gonna go put it in my account so i won't go into debt lol. i think i've spent enough this summer....too bad i still hafta pay for the 50 cent concert!!! :) !
Lets see May was about 8 weeks ago.
Per week - Gas =$20, Starbucks =3x$5, eating out 3*$10 figure figure $65 /week *8
$520 for weekly incidentals.

That leaves $300 for clothes and tech toys. In 8 weeks.

Yeah, it should be about gone.

You're not spending too fast, you're earning too slow. It's called inflation. Prices have jumped radically in the last 2 years in spite of what the economists claim about inflation being tame.

My water, gas and grocery bills have doubled in 3 years. Same cars, same house, no leaks, same food type and amount.

But the good news is my salary went up 10% to cover it all...
NetRyder said:
If I were a bank/credit-union, I'd be very careful before giving you a credit card. :D
You are a crazy man! Frickn' hillarious. Come on now Music man there must be some woman in your life snappn up that money. We all know how women can send you to the poor house.

PS. Get a coffee maker!

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