Omega Drivers and nVidia...


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I have been really intrigued with Omega Drivers. I was intrigued back when there was StarStorm drivers for nVidia...
But I must know, how good are Omega Drivers on nVidia cards compared to other 3rd party drivers I've seen out there in places like
(Such as:
DNA-Force etc)


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I've only experienced Omega from the ATI side Zapoqx - but he does tweak up NVidea drivers as well.

Keep in mind the kid is a tester for ATI - so naturally he probably spends more time on ATI driver modding.

The performance is awesome, his drivers have always smoothed out my gaming experience. Usually pick up a couple hundred points in benchmarking when all is said and done.

New drivers based off Catalyst 5.6 are out:
I've used them both on ATI and NVidia cards (I have a 9800 and a 5900), and I haven't been impressed by them on either. I don't see any visible quality increases or really much framerate increases, but some people seem to swear by them. Maybe I'm just not looking in the right places.


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prolly due to the fact that the 9800 k*%s a$&.

I see the increase with my 9600XT w/ Overdrive enabled. (software overclocker - goes by heat of card)

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