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Omega Driver for ATI question


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I just got an HP Pavilion L2005cu Special Edition Notebook (WHEW, say that 5 times fast :p)
I was able to install the Omega Drivers, but one thing confuses me:
The laptop uses:
AMD Turion 64
ATI Radeon Xpress 200M

Should I have enabled FastWrites or not??? I would like to know what best settings I should do to it. Thanks!


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No, fastwrites should only be used on AMD64 cpus, and esp since its a low-end graphics chipset you wouldnt notice any good change, I would just leave them off :)


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Ah, thanks for the info.
So what settings should I do on the card to run at its best performance and optimal quality (or is the default settings by Omega usually the best?)
Omega comes preconfigured... I figured thats why you used them???

If not use ATI stock :D

Thebest ATI drivers to use are UniAN though :D


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Ah, well I'm new to the ATI realm since my computer is nVidia based (mother board and video card). So since my laptop is using ATI (It was either get one with almost everything I had and have an Intelchip onboard vid or get an ATI card which I can upgrade later).

Explain what is this UniAN (besides the fact it is another 3rd party ATI driver)

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