Old UPS batteries


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5 Dec 2001
Hey guys,

I have some old 12V 4.0Ah rechargeable batteries that I got out of old Belkin UPS devices. What is the best way to recharge them. Some of them have less than 1V left in them, when I put a meter on them.

I have a total of 8, I am just looking for a way to see if I can salvage them for other projects.


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5 Mar 2003
I'm guessing you're looking to spend as little as possible if it's a salvage job.
Only thing that springs to mind is a charger dedicated to the purpose.
$19.95 will get you one. Just depends if the reward outweighs the cost i guess.

SMART Charger for smaller 12-volt Sealed Lead batteries.
Features: (1) Plugs into 110-120VAC / 60Hz wall outlet.
(2) Alligator clips attach directly to lugs on battery !
(3) Smart-charges 12-volt Sealed Lead batteries @ 500mA rate.
(4) LED indicators for "Charging"(Red) and "Finished" (Green)
(5) Shuts off when the battery is done charging!
(6) Good for 12V Sealed Lead Batteries with 8Ah capacity or less.
Part # 12BC0500D-1 . Available at $ 19.95


I'm guessing you've already looked for chargers, but this didn't seem a huge outlay to me for 8 batteries.
Hope it helps :)


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1 Sep 2004
slow car charger. Also called a trickle charger. Or buy a solar charger as it will slowly charge them, but get them at least somewhat charged, as the lead plates will sulpherise and never take a charge again.

Most UPS batteries are just a regular 12v deep cycle battery with fiberglass mat in between the lead plates to hold the acid so it is almost leakproof. A regular car battery will actually outperform and outlast a UPS battery, but it might also leak.


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5 Dec 2001
It is indeed a 12V deep cycle battery. It is the same type of battery used on RV boats and whatnot. I have been considering getting an RV battery and using that instead, however they are very expensive.

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