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Old system, just wondering...



Ok guys. I have an old computer that I’m hoping to upgrade to act as an Internet Gateway/Firewall using FreeBSD.

I have a few questions about old technology though.

The motherboard has four 72pin SIMS and I’m hoping to by some second hand ram of EBAY (I look for tested ram) that upgrade the ram to 64. This is all well and good but is it generally supported by older hardware, or is this just a matter of upgrading the bios if there are any conflicts.

To bad, I don’t know what the motherboard make is so I can’t tell you much information about bios etc.

I’m also hoping to buy a second hand CPU from EBAY (again tested by seller) and my socket type is an old socket 7. The current CPU is a Pentium-S 70mhz, would I just be able to simply upgrade the CPU to say a 300mhz AMD CPU, or is it intel only supported.

I have also added a Voodoo 2 to the PCI slot which is linked to the old video card, would the PC be able to run of the Voodoo 2 on it’s own or does it require a proper graphics card to be installed.

I’m also hoping to add USB support, which PCI card is best suited to this and is there any bios conflicts? I already have an Ethernet card for networking, just would like the support for a USB mouse because the modem will be using the serial port (I know, no PS2 mouse port it’s so old).

And last but not least, Flashing? Ill get the motherboard information soon but is it easy to flash, backup current setting etc, all information is welcome.

Forgotten what the last bit was :p .
1. Don't forget you need two RAM sticks. They must be installed in pairs. I think it should take 64MB.

2. You may be able to upgrade the CPU. But I can't guarantee it.

3. No, the Voodoos are "3D only". You must have a regular card too. Just throw away the Voodoo, it's not like you need it (you don't need the other one either really...).

4. USB cards should work. Not that you need a mouse, at least not if you install a firewall/gateway distro.

5. Providing you CAN flash it, it's no problem. Follow the instructions and you're good.


rettahc i feel i should correct you on what think is correct. AMD used to buy the rights to 'copy' the Intel chips, hense they were generally slower up until the K7, which was AMDs own design. Therefore the 'old' AMD chips should be interchangeable.

However 03bigMark03 you need to check that the motherboard will support a 300 Mhz CPU.


Umm..... socket 7 intel cpus and and amd cpus are very much interchangable, An amd k6 will fit into any socket 7 board. It just depends on the bios. Dude if you need a server board. Give me ten bucks and Ill seen you the famed "FIC VA-503+" Its the last one I have and I dont need it anymore. This board will support and socket 7 cpu ever made.. also takes upto 512 megs of pc133 and has an agp slot.. Let me know if you want it. Plus I have an amd 233 processor you can have for 5 bucks. :0)


No thanks Ace123 but thanks for offering. Ok, Ill dump the voodoo 2 then, I just wondered because the current PCI card has no braket and it's a bit dogy though it does work. Perhaps if I flash the bios then it will support a 300MHz AMD then, the bios is ... P51430VX-250 Explorer BIOS v1.1 7/10/19196 and the current CPU is a Pentium-S CPU at 75mhz.

I am able to dump the mouse because smoothwall has installed fine and I can view that through a web browser. I need more ram and processing because I do a lot of online gaming through my Dialup connection though I'm setting up smoothwall because we may get broadband & network in the future.

The current ram is 8MB and I don't mind spending £20 or so on EBAY to get a bit more juce out of it.

Edit... The current network is crossover cable (soon routers etc), I no it's EDO ram.


I haven't upgraded anything as of yet. But I know the Bios is ...

P51430VX-250 Explorer BIOS v1.1 7/10/19196 and the current CPU is a Pentium-S CPU

I've never upgraded a bios before so what software do I need to do this and can someone provide me with the latest version/download link.

As the curren't CPU is a Pentium S would it support AMD K6 CPu's or not or would this be ok if I upgrade the bios.


Ok I have some bios versions for that motherboard. But I need the pcb number off the motherboard. The PCB version is printed in white text on the board, usually along one of the edges near a corner.


Looking at the board I think it's this but I'm not sure. It's toward's the back left corner near a black ISA slot....

P51430VX V1.0(S1.3)

Not sure but I think thats it.

I also orderd 32MB of EDO ram on EBAY last night so this should give me a totall of 40MB or ram (2x 16, 2x 4) (there's for ram slots 72 pin) so I'm looking forward to getting that stuff.

Please correct me if I'm wrong on the PCB number. It might have something to do with the ISA slot not sure.


Dude if you need edo
Ask me.. Ill send you some for free.. I have crap loads thats worth nothing.. I can send you like 98 megs of edo if you need it.

also I have the bios you need. Add me to you msn and Ill upload it to you and give you instructions on how to install it.


Cheers ACE123. Bios upgraded to version 1.4 now :D . Just can't wait till I get my ancient EDO ram of EBAY :eek:


I got my 2 X 32MB of EDO ram and it works great. But tried to use the other to slots with the 2 x 4mb of ram sticks to see if I could get a total of 40MB but that didn't work. Any ideas/explanations.
Yeah some boards can be picky about stick combinations. That could be it. The difference with them out shouldn't be too big.

(not that I understand how 2x32 + 2x4 = 40 but anyway... ;))

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