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Old pc...

I have an old PC collecting dust and i cant think of what to do with it. Here are the specs:

P1 120mhz
1,2 gb HDD
12mb ram

I was thinking of putting linux on it, but i tried booting with knoppix and that comes up saying it doesnt have enough memory.
For some strange and dark mysterious reason it wont boot from the mandrake install cd or the lindows install cd. So im a bit stuck on the linux installing part. I cant make it a webserver since i dont have any more ports on my router free and its HDD is making those horrible "im gonna die soon" high-pitched noise :p

Do you guys have any idea what to do with it or how to get linux on it (im a complete linux beginner). Else i can only think of donating it to HardwareKill ;)
yeah most of the GUI type linux distros will want something like 128MB RAM
You could try something like FreeBSD or Debian though

HardwareKill is certainly an option though ;)
I think im gonna drop it accidently out of my window :p
Any one here wants this scrapheap, you can come to holland and catch it on its way down ;)
Maybe Floppyfw can still run on those specs... ;)

And no, I don't want it if you through it away. I have enough of those as it is. ;)

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