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Old games vs new Games


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I my self am a big fan of classic games. Iv always wondered what the rest of the community thinks , i just think classics are always better well a lest in 90% of cases better then expansions or new releases, but i don't know why i think that i just always enjoy classic better :| dose any one have a reason why?

i know i sound like an idiot but i'm just looking for a way to voice why i like classics better then expansions :| or new releases

Raver 2nv :)


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The "classics" instituted many of the game-play mannerisms and plot twists and stories and themes that "new" games use. So the nostalgia factor is pretty high up there.

The new stories typically are disjointed and created more for money than originality and, let's face it, originality is a BIG piece of the puzzle when it comes to getting our endorphins going :)

Games like Doom and Wolfenstein and Half Life and Deus Ex, for example, established MANY of the elements seen in today's shooters and games like Fallout 3.

The freshest game I have played recently is Left 4 Dead and that was little more than a glorified version of Counter Strike, Zombie Mod. But, the game-play was phenomenal.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Sazar I Actually Pretty happy you mentioned the game Left 4 dead i was watching game play trailers and reading about it. The seems like some what of a dynamic multi player game so i agree i think its excellent haven't had a chance to play it yet though :(

and tyvm on your explanation on old vs new games you seem to have a very excellent grasp on whats going on in todays game market :)

All big thanks

Raver 2nv :)

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