old Futuremark 3DMark03 Benchmarks

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Is a score of 6436 good on 3dmark03? I just upgraded my video card to the Radeon 9800XT 256MB. My processor is a P4 3.0HT. I am not that familiar with the range of scores that are associated with 3dmark03

We have a section dedicated to this.
And yeah it seems about right.

Got a compare URL? Also observer the format of Sazar's stickied threads.
I am going to go ahead and close this thread :)

post any benchmark results here and please read the guidelines posted...

I just got back from my little vacation and am going to clean it up a little bit :)
3DMark Score 5980 3DMarks
CPU Score 640 CPUMarks

P4 2.8ghz 800mhz FSB
GeforceFX 5900U 256MB at stock speeds using 53.04 Forceware
512 MB DDR PC3200

Well i was scoring around 5200 3DMarks with 52.16 Forceware and when installed 53.03 my score suddenly jumped up to 5980! Looks like Nvidia is cheating again...
3DMark Score 153 3DMarks
CPU Score Not enough CPU tests run

That's what I get for having the free version of 3DMark and for having a GeForce 2. lol :D
What was the score off the old P4 system?

Wait until the 64 bit OS and optimised code comes out. I'm guessing it will be worth about 20-40% on the score.
the 3dmark03 test is based on the gpu... I can increase it by oc'ing... not so much more by raw cpu power alone.. it only went up a little over the previous system as opposed to the 3dmark2001 score...

:) the o/s will unlikely make much difference but we shall see...
3dmark score 5526
cou score : 777

same rig as in my sig..

win xp pro
msi k8t800
1gig corsair xms ddr3200
radeon 9700pro AIW
athlon64 3400+


re-ran test with default cas 2 settings and whoa... decent jump..

dunno why the gfx card is showing oc'd though... I never changed any video card settings :confused:
Installed and Benchmarked Omega 4.1 update. Aside from 3dMark2001 which was probably a benchmark quirk the results were unchanged within normal test variations.

3DMark 03 Same results as the ATI 4.1
Aquamark Benchmarked ~1% slower
3dMark 2001 Benchmarked ~10% slower overall but most of hit was in a couple tests.

I can post the details if anyone is really interested.

In games the contrast seemed to be set higher which produced more striking detail but washed out highlights (bright spots). The nature in mark2001 seemed to be washed out also. I'll see how it plays in BF1942 tonite.
WinXP Home SP1
Athlon XP 2500+ Barton @ 10.5x200 = 2.1GHz
Abit NF7 2.0 (forceware 3.13)
2x512MB cheap PC3200 @ 400MHz, 7-3-3-2.5
ATI Radeon 9800PRO 128MB @ stock (cat 4.2's)

5770 3dmarks
577.0 cpumarks
(coincidence :confused: )

have yet to tweak memory timings and OC radeon.
3dmark 03: 4560

Crucial XTM Pc2700 1 gig (2 512 sticks)
(9700 Pro Ati)
ASUS A7v8x

does this seem low to anyone else?
That seems about right, actually. A new (2800+ or better) processor will bring you closer to the 5000-5500 range. It's your bottleneck at the moment.

-edit- I'll be posting the scores with my new 9800 Pro soon...so excited :eek::eek:
sraycoz said:
3dmark 03: 4560

Crucial XTM Pc2700 1 gig (2 512 sticks)
(9700 Pro Ati)
ASUS A7v8x

does this seem low to anyone else?

nah... doesn't seem low... depends on your settings.. this benchmark is GPU limited so even if you got a supercomputer and plugged your card into it you will not likely go up in score very much... your cpu score on the other hand would go up a lot...

please provide a compare link just like everyone else has..
thank you :)
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