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Feb 17, 2003
I appreciate the need for a clean out was needed... the old forum was surely bulked out big time. But now I cant find out any information which I know was on the old forum :(

Is this backed up on another url? or is it gone for good?

nps, saw this -
"Yesterday, due to a series of problems we lost the a portion of the NTFS database so you will be required to reregister to login into the NTFS forums.

It is a huge loss and we are working to recover what we can from the portion of the database that remains.

We are well on the way to recovery and I am sure we will be back up and running as we were in no time at all.

Also, as we had to start from scratch I decided that we should install vBulletin3 as it is now close to a final release. There are still areas that we haven't learnt to manipulate yet and as this is pre-final there are still bugs but they will be rectified as soon as possible."


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Mar 18, 2002
if you do want any help let me know, its just sifting through a sql markedup archive right
a very big archive, but thats about right isnt it
Jul 19, 2003
Proably, This is what happens when you don't backup your sql databases regulary.
Also I'm getting used to the presence of code buttons in quick reply in vB3. That's pretty cool!

I was waiting for the day that NTFS would use beta software. They said that they would try to upgrade to vB 3 at the RC stage. And what stage are we at? [everybodyyells]The Release Canadiate stage![/everybodyyells]

Electronic Punk

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Dec 2, 2001
i guess i haven't got around to adding those custom bb tags yet tho eh?

Canadave: I will most likely add them down the bottom where I have a link to the chatroom / homepage.


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Jun 9, 2002
it would be xp-erience.org + 2 years old ;)

*puts a post-it note on [e]-punks monitor saying back up databases*

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