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23 Dec 2002
Is there a method of transfering audio tapes cassettes via soundcard onto CD? I know the quality will probably be quite bad, but the person concerned has some sound that she would like to keep, but preferably on CD's. A weird one but would appreciate any advice available :confused:

Whilst we are on the subject of audio tapes, does anyone (in the UK) know anywhere that still sells the tape carrying cases (for 4 or 6 casettes) - tried Halfords, Dixons etc but no joy (again, not for me personally)
There are many ways to transfer analog(ue) cassettes to digital. First you need a decent soundcard. Preferabley something besides a SoundBlaster, but if that is all you have, it will work. Then you need a good playback tape deck. It would be best to have the heads professionally aligned. Barring that, clean the heads yourself and demagnetize them. Next get some wave editing software. I prefer soundforge, it has some pluging that will clean up things for you. Also available CoolEdit Pro (2000), Adobe Auditon, Goldwave, Nuendo, etc. THere is also a free one available on sourceforge.net but the name is escaping me right now. You will also need some kind of plugin's to clean up the sound. I prefer the Waves Restoration Pack, but it is pricey. For noise reduction, I like soundforge's.

Now you will need to connect the tape deck to the soundcard's line-in. Open up your audio software. you will need to get a level. Most software you will have to record a short sample to get levels. Use windows mixer to adjust level.

It is best if you record so the signal only peaks at around -12dB. You can always normalize later.

That should be a good start. Let me know if you need more.

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