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New benchmark :cool:, and a new thread for it. The following is the press release from FutureMarkl regarding their latest product.

3DMark05 is best suited for the latest generation of DirectX®9.0 graphics cards. It is the first benchmark to require a DirectX9.0 compliant hardware with support for Pixel Shaders 2.0 or higher! By combining high quality 3D tests, CPU tests, feature tests, image quality tools, and much more, 3DMark05 is a premium benchmark for evaluating the latest generation of gaming hardware. 3DMark05 is the answer to the continuously growing challenge in benchmarking!
Minimum System Recommendations

  • DirectX 9 compatible graphics adapter with support for Pixel Shader 2.0 or later, and graphics memory of 128 MB or above.
  • Intel® or AMD® compatible processor running on 2 GHz or above.
  • 512 MB system memory or more.
  • 1.5 GB of free hard disk space.
  • Windows 2000 or XP operating system with the latest Service Packs and updates installed.
  • DirectX 9.0c runtime installed with the latest updates.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 installed, for some 3DMark functionality
  • Microsoft Excel 2000, 2003 or XP, for some 3DMark functionality.
  • Microsoft DirectX 9 Summer Update 2004 System Development Kit is required to run the image quality test using the reference rasterizer.

It is possible that 3DMark05 will run on PCs that do not meet the requirements above, but the benchmark performance may be seriously affected. For example, insufficient video memory will result in texture swapping - this will cause fluctuations during the tests, reducing the reliability of the generated scores.

Download Mirrors

Post your 3DMark05 scores in this thread... please read the GUIDELINES before posting and ensure you follow the general posting convention listed to maximise uniformity.

Thanks :)


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CPU: a64 3400+ @ 2.2ghz
Motherboard: Msi Neo Fis2r, bios rev == 1.8
Memory: 2x512 Corsair XMS, ddr 400, timings == 2.5/3/3/7
Video Card: ATi AIW 9700 pro, 324/310, cat 4.9's
Hard drives: Dual Maxtor DM9's, 80gig each

score == 2150

I will attempt a run with the 4.10's when the debut next month and will update accordingly...


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Taggert_LOA said:
i scored an 800 dunno why, i'm not up on this stuff
please post in the stated format and with the link if possible :)

keeps it cleaner... and also helps us to help you trouble-shoot to get a better score or pinpoint other problems...

wrt your system I reckon the card and its memory bus (should be 64bit) are holding it back tremendously... hence the score..


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3dmark 2005 pro (standard defaults.)

CPU: Athlon Xp 2600 @ 2ghz.
Motherboard: AN7 1.X bios rev == 6.00 PG
Memory: 2x512 Crucial XTM Pc 2700
Video Card: ATI 9700 pro drivers:
Hard drives: 1 WD 120 (primary) 1 WD 250 gig (2 removable externals totaling 160 gigs)

Score: 2172

im assuming this is good since i got a bit higher than Sazar and his procc whippes my ass. I had just dont a clean install of XP as well.


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AMD 64 3000+
Albatron K8X800 Pro II
1 gig Corsair value 3200 Ram
eVGA 6800 GT 380/1.02 GHZ
120 GB WD special edition 8MB ata


will post link when I get a chance to register and run it again


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AMD 2400 XP @2.0Ghz (standard speed)
ASUS A7V8X (1014.001 BIOS)
512 Mb PC2700 Ram
XFX Geforce 6800 GT (standard clock speeds)
2x Samsung SP1640 160Gb with 2Mb Cache each

CPU: AMD 64 FX-53 939
MOBO: A8V deluxe v2.0
GPU: BFG 6800 Ultra (61.77)
memory: 2x512 DDR400

score : 4101, does this score seem low for my system?
no i don't the computer im using to test doesn't have an internet connection at the moment. but what could be the problem keeping the score low?


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I just done a few upgrades.
Here are how the changes affected 3DMark 2005
Changed gfx drivers from 61.77 to 66.72 (3716 -> 4452) OMG (l33t h4x0ring in driver methinks!)
Added another 512Mb (DDR333) no change
Replaced XP 2400+ with XP 3000+ (standard clocks of 166/13) (4452 -> 4798)

Will now try some service tweaks and oc the gfx card :)

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Yeah got up to 5800 odd with 66.72, down a little with 66.81 - but positive... I think they should now refocus and get games rockin'
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