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old 1.86ghz vs new 1.86ghz

i'm about to receive an Intel 1.86 dual core laptop and i was wondering what i can expect in gains over my AMD 1.86 single core (2500xp).


lets just say that they both contain 1 core. will this new processor be any more efficient than my old one? its been a long time since my 2500xp was made, is there anything to get excited about?

Intel -- AMD
2mb L2 cache -- 512 KB
667MHz -- 333 MHz

on a side note, even my video cards are about evenly matched.
x1400 256mb and 9600pro.


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Performance will be a lot better.

The design is a lot more efficient even if it was a single core.

The cache is larger and this will also enhance your performance. It should probably run longer (battery life) and cooler although that is subjective.

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