Ok to buy GPU now??


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I just purchased an ATI X1800 XT 512MB for a customer of mine. He is really, really happy with it. Honestly, you wouldn't notice a difference between the X1800 and X1900.

But I would spend the extra $75-100 to get 512MB because more and more games are becoming dependant on it.

Happy Birthday.

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Any card you get today is not DX10 and will be like any other card it will run things in software mode, if you want a DX10 card you need to wait.


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How long do you want to go before the next upgrade? 12 months? yeah sure. 2 years? umm probably not.

Do not expect to be able to make crossfie work. The X1800 is discontinued so master or slave won't be available and power demand and heat is too high. The X800 masters never happened. Expect the same.

Get a 7900 GT for $229 now. Next year get another one /wSLI MB for $229. DX10 still won't be suppported though. And next year will be all new MBs.

Once again it's not a good time to upgrade. Maybe this fall once new Intel stuff is out and DAMDIT has established a video product roadmap.
Yeah I would upgrade in about 12 months, thats when I got my last card, I suppose I could make it a habit of getting a new GPU on my birthday most years, I'll see how things pan out for now. Not too worried about Crossfire or SLI, I've prefered the simplicity of a single card. I'm a bit worried about using Nvidia with my current mobo, i've heard a few things about freezing and such when you mix an ATI mobo and an nvidia card, and vice versa, and with my motherboard not being neccesarly top notch it hightens my concern even more.

This is my motherboard, I'm not changing just yet...



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i'd imagine so, as nvidia and ati will now have to work much closer with MS, i'd imagine a new nforce chipset will come out, although i assume that nforce4 should be fine.

Shamus MacNoob

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The chipset does not impeed the use of directx so it will not be a problem, but a newer motherboard that we have no idea right now about its specs might enhance something in the future, so that means you could buy a now video card and not have DX10 hardware, or wait and get a true DX10 videocard and maybe an enhanced new motherboard in the future.
I'm gonna play it super safe :lick: and just get the essentials I need right now, you know the timeless classics like a standard ATX case and power supply and a new harddrive. I'm gonna get ready for the future but not get ahead of myself, I've now made a promise to myself to not upgrade GPU or MOBO before I buy vista. Thanks for the save! I'm not made of money and can't afford to upgrade every 6 months.

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