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Ok this is really giving me the red

arse. I have to keep on defragging daily, no biggy. But each time I have to defrag I have to run scandisc... That is driving me nuts. I have reboot in order to run it.

Mister Zee

You just HAVE to run scandisk first, or your defrag will screw up your partition table if there are some invalid entries in there. That's what scandisk is for... fix errors before you really do some cleaning.

Do it right once, and you shouldn't have problems afterwards.

1. Run scandisk
2. Restart and let it go...
3. Close ALL the running applications (go in the task manager and look at proccesses that were started by your username. Leave the ones you don't know about but close all the rest. Don't touch the system ones of course)
4. Start defrag and LEAVE IT until it's DONE! It took about 3 hours for me once and it was only a 30 Gb HDD, so it can be long. But if you stop it manually, it's only gonna be worse when your system restart.

Defrag has to replace things in a good order, and to do that, it has to temporary move other stuff around. If you stop in the middle of that "temporary moving" the entries and gonna be even more messier than before. So you really need to let it go!

Mister Zee

You need to do a defrag only when there's something to defrag. That's usually once a month, nbot EVERY DAY!
My diskkeeper is set to defrag every 8 hours and it keeps fragmentation to pretty much nul, and once a week It's set to do reboot then swap file and MFT defrag.


Quazatron R6 droid
Defragmenting needs to be perfectly balanced so that you don't defrag excessively or at the other end only defrag once every three months. From personal experience I think it is best to defrag once every week if you use your hard drive constanly and install / unistall programs or once every month if you only say use your comp for word processing.

Defragging every day / 8 hours is excessive unless you regularly install about 10 programs simultaneously every hour :D

Of course, the fuller the disk, the longer it takes to defrag.

I'm partially stuffed now since my comp is heavily defragmented after not defragging it for about a month, and I installed lots of programs and its full.. well, mostly, %16 space left

I estimate to properly fix that will take about a weekend - or a major file cull session / reformat / defrag of the hard-drive :)


I'm sorry Hal...
Political User
I'm like Qumahlin, I defrag every so so hours, I use the smart scheduler on Diskeeper and it defrags on its own in the background and usualy does it in a few minutes. And stop telling people not to defrag daily, it does no harm, and if you move alot of files around, download etc it will keep the disk in tip top condition


Quazatron R6 droid
Fair enough Khayman, I wasn't _telling_ everyone not to defrag every eight hours I was just saying that unless you do move files round alot it probably isn't worth the disk chruning to defrag the Hard Drive every day, unless you want to, in which case its your choice / opinion :D

In the realm of defrag progs, I personally find VoptXP the best one to use but everyone has their favourites as always such as Diskeeper, Norton defrag etc :)

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