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I've been trying for about the past week to get the files transferred over via a network between my two computers using a crossover cable but everytime I run the files and settings transfer wizard on my old computer and tell it to use the network, it comes back saying that it can't find my new computer. I think that both computers are connected cuz the 1394 connection on both says they are connected together, but the local area connection says the cable isn't plugged in on the new computer, and it connects for all of 2-5 seconds on the old computer before it disconnects again. I tried rerunning the wizard several times to see if it would fix the problem, disabling and reenabling the lan and 1394 connections, turning the windows firewall on and off, restarting both computers, attempting to update the lan driver in my old computer (I couldn't get it to work cuz unless I disable the lan connection I can't access anything online), and checking to make sure the cable was in the right port on both computers and all the way in.

What should I do now to fix this? Should I just give up on getting this to work and try using my external hard drive to transfer the files? Is there any other way that I'd be able to do this without imaging the whole drive over?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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firewire (1394) connections between two computers for data transfer isn't very stable from past experience. i've only ever got the two machines connected twice in the past two years and had to rely purely on ethernet for data transfers most of the time.


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The networking wizard is useless. If you have a crossover cable, plug it in to both PC's network cards, thats it, you're done.


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That's 2 votes (make that 3, add mine) for switching to an ethernet crossover cable.

I'm picking up a pattern here.


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The two computers are already connected with a crossover cable hooked into their rj 45 jacks. I tried setting the ip addresses and subnets like you said in the link Admiral Micheal but it didn't change anything. Do I need to restart the computer to have it make a difference (I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing at this point)?

Did I really screw it up by running the network wizard?


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If any of the PC's now have a network bridge, delete it.

Are you sure it is a crossover cable and not a straight through.


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I bought it through newegg and accortding to them it's supposed to be a 3ft orange cat5e crossover cable. Ummm how would I tell if there was a network bridge and how would I go about deleting it if there was one?


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The Network Bridge will appear in the Network Connections box with the other network adapters, and its icon looks like a suspension bridge of sorts. You first have to view the properties of each network adapter and remove them from the bridge if found, then you can right click and remove the bridge.


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Well thanks everyone for the help, but I've decided to just bite the bullet and transfer everything over using my external harddrive cuz nothing seems to help the seizuring network connection.


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Well what is OS on both systems though I do know the new is XP. Otherwise I'm not much help as I've never used the files and settings transfer wizard. Share a folder and move everything to it


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You are correct, no icon = no bridge. It's odd that the 1394 conn is showing as connected..it shouldn't without a cable connected to it, or a bridge. External HD will prob save you a lot of grief. Good luck!


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Both computers are running Win XP pro. The old one runs NIS2004, and the new one runs NIS2005 as far as AV and Firewall goes.
I tried using an external hard drive to transfer just the files and folders I needed to rescue and the wizard seems to have transferred every folder on my old computer and my external hard drive over to the new one though some only have 1 or 2 of the original files in them. Also after transferring the entire internet folder where the files for my dial up connection were onto my new computer the connection is still not set up on my new computer. I need to find a way to copy the connection off my old computer cuz I can't get the disk to work to set it up on the new one (it installs the software then goes online to search for a configuration file to download a few seconds after it starts looking it gives an error message that the server can't be found) . Did I miss a file or something elsewhere on the computer that I needed to transfer over to make this work? I need some serious help here.

Admiral Michael

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ThePatriot said:
It's odd that the 1394 conn is showing as connected..it shouldn't without a cable connected to it, or a bridge. External HD will prob save you a lot of grief. Good luck!
My 1394 says connected and theres nothing plugged in. This is on both my laptop and desktop.


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Well did you configure the firewalls for a LAN connection? Also do you know what the configuration file that it can't seem to find via the net is? As you could search for that on the old one and it would tell you the location etc if you search hidden and system files.


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Ummm no I didn't touch the firewall other than to try diabling it and just running with the XP firewall. How would I have to configure it for a lan connection? I wish I did know what the file name was but all the setup wizard says is that it's connecting to the server to get the configuration file. It shows a progress bar that fills up about a quarter of the way then it throws up the error message and exits out when you click on ok in the message.

I don't think it matters whether there's a connection between firewire ports cuz the one computer in question doesn't even have a firewire port. :speechless:


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I stand corrected Admiral, I never noticed that the 1394 says connected no matter what. Now that's counterproductive...

Any luck Ferral_Imp?


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No luck getting this sorted out yet The Patriot. I allowed both computers to NIS and it's still the same issue. I'm beginning to consider either ripping out the hard drive in my old laptop and swapping it out for the second one in my new laptop, or copying an image of the hard drive onto the second one in my new laptop then finding some software somewhere that would let me control which drive I'd want to boot into.


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ferral imp.

this should correct the issue.

ok first of goto
start>control panel>network connections>right click local area connection>click properties>make sure "file and printer sharing for microsoft networks" is enabled if it is click cancel and start from step ONE. If not do this. In the same network box, click on Install>service>then install the "file and printer sharing for microsoft networks". you'll have to restart the pc. once you do goto step ONE.

first go to start>my computer>right click>properties>computer name>network id>click next>select "this computer is part of a business network>click next>my company uses a computer without a domain>click next> type a name for ease just type "ferral", without the quotations>click next>click finished, now restart the computer.

copy this procedure with the other pc, doesn't matter which one you do first, now when you have done this on both pcs and restarted both, on either one make a share,

go to your c drives on both pc's and right click (make sure you are not connected to the internet at this stage for security reasons). right click on the c or d drive, or whatever drive it is you have the info you want to transfer, go to "sharing and security", click the blue writing that says you understand the risks, at the bottom of this task pane, click again you understand the risks blue writing. then click on just enable file sharing, (don't worry as after we have done all this we'll disable the share) then click on "share this folder on the network", just call it "tempdrive" for ease. then click on "allow network users to change my files", then click ok. at this stage the computer is setting folder permissions. now restart the pc to make sure there are no issues.

now we need to map a drive, this just makes it easier to find the folders you need, basically, we are going to make your c drive on the old pc like a virtual drive on the new one.

Get on your new pc the one you wont your files transfered TO:
click start>my computer>on file/tool bar at top of screen click on tools>click on "map network drive">a box will appear, select X as the drive number so it cant be confused with anything else>then click browse, another box will appear>click "entire network">click "microsoft windows network">you should see "FERRAL" there with an icon next to it with 3 pcs>click on "FERRAL">click on the share "tempdrive" now you should have access to everyone on your new pc from the old one.

let me know if you need any more help.

if i've forgotten anything anyone please jump in, basically this is what the network wizard does kinda, but this is more thorough and should work.

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