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Ok I have a HUGE Problem in W2K...


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System in my office has our time clock software installed on it. This is the only critical application I need access to but the computer won't load past the W2K splash screen. It won't boot past it. I tried to load the W2K setup DIsk (Bootable) and use the repair option but it didn't work. I feel it's a Master Boot Record issue but I have no way of repair it due to the fact when I go into Repair mode in the console the admin password is asked and I do not have it. The IT guy who set this PC up in 2001 is long gone and he left no notes on it . So I am fresh out of ideas and need advice. Would an application like Winternals NTFSDOS Professional 4.03 Pro allow me access to the MBR to allow repair? Would any Variant of Norton's Sysem Works allow me to create a rescue disk to use on this? Is there a password recovery tool to help me get admin to get access to the repir console so I can fix the MBR then extract my data then I would reformat and re-install W2K/WXP?

the files I need need to be created within the application (has to be ran in a Windows enviroment). I tried the repair option the express one did nothing to fix it and the recovery console one I can't get into without admin. I can't get into safe mode so I think the MBR is hosed.


Sticky this not having passwords is something we don't talk about.

Cracking passwords is against forum guidlines.


OSNN One Post Wonder
ok sorry, is there a way to repair the MBR without using ADMIN? (i.e. third party software?) I am very new at troubleshooting W2K.
w/o the password I'm not sure what to suggest. You can try an 'fdisk /mbr' and see it that helps at all... doubtful. My recommendation is to slave the hard drive into another machine and retrieve the files... from there you can do a clean install on the machine in question. I'd go as far as making an image of the drive in case you need to retrieve more stuff later... like that 'OMG I really need that email' type thing. When/if you do the image, make sure you choose the option to double check it for integrity. Good luck with that.

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