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Oh my god HELP ME!! (updated)



I have a hard drive set on Primary IDE-0 Slave and my motherboard is a Gigabyte 7ZX.

I just boot up my comp and my bios says the STATUS of my Primary Slave HDD (40Gb Maxtor) is BAD :(

It then says:

F1 Backup
F2 Resume

I pressed F2 to resume loading Windows and I can access all the files fine on the Primary Slave HDD.

What is going on and how cna I resolve this problem. The message appears every bootup now :(


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Do you have SMART enabled in the Bios ?

Smart is designed to tell you if your drive is about to suffer imminent death.

However smart isn't always as smart as it would like. Try turning it off and see how it goes.

I would, however, get the data off that drive pronto. Just in case.


Well I have 40Gb of data on that drive and have nowhere to put it and every byte is important.

What can I do? :(

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Try running scandisk with the thorough option on and see if you have any bad sectors. What you must realise, if the hard drive is failing then the more you access it the quicker the total failure. Beg, steal or borrow another drive and get that data off and then test the other drive.


Ok the problem is this for you experts:

S.M.A.R.T Threshold and Status Attribute Values in attached picture.

Take a look at it and explain how this could of happened and if there is a solution other that a NEW HDD.

The error you see in the picture is the only error on the HDD. The rest are fine.

Thx :D


Originally posted by DarkSiege
Uhh...get a new hard drive?....:p Can't think of a solution...sry

ok so if I backed the stuff up on another HDD and then formatted this 40gb HDD that has the problem, the problem will be fixed with format?
Originally posted by Gouk


ok so if I backed the stuff up on another HDD and then formatted this 40gb HDD that has the problem, the problem will be fixed with format?
No, the drive is about to die. See if you can RMA it.


ok whats this RMA? :D

ALso since this HDD is ONLY 5 months old I still have the warranty which allows returns upto 1 years old.

Guess I can give it back and tell them to transfer the data over to a new HDD.

Also can anyone tell me any good software which transfers ALL the DATA of the HDD 1:1 to another same sized HDD so in the future I can do the transfer myself.



Do whatever you can to back up the data you value before parting with that drive. Your data is your responsibility. The HD manufacturer's and/or reseller's warranty only covers the physical drive, and they have no obligation to help you salvage your data.

RMA I believe stands for Return Materials Authorization. It is NOT how someone like CompUSA handles returns, assuming you bought there or at a similar retail outlet. Manufacturers work with RMA's (Maxtor, Western Digital, Quantum, etc.). I have had to RMA HDs before, and you can usually start the process by calling the manufacturer or perhaps by visiting their web site. Some have online RMA procedures.

Hope this helps.

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Not sure, but Maxtor may provide diagnostic tools fo their own, my Western Digital and IBM provide them - IBM are shocking so surely maxtor can beat em ;)
I have an IBM DTLA 307030 which did a similar thing completely died. I used another hard drive to install windows, got on the net and got the IBM drive fitness tool, did a test, told me it was screwed and said to do a Low Level Format, where 0's are written to the disk. The Drive has been fine since. You might want to try that before sending it back. I think the Maxtor MaxBlast software can do a Low Level Format. AKA Write 0's to disk.


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Here's the weird thing.

Normally, reallocated sectors are just a fact of life, and having one isn't a bad thing -- it's not exactly ideal, but it's not the end of the world (or your hard drive). However, two things are a bit odd right off the bat.

Unless your hard drive's had some serious trauma -- like a head crash caused by a severe jolt, or pulling the IDE cable during low-level hard drive activity -- you shouldn't be having ANY bad sectors so young in the drive's life. The other thing that concerns me is that SMART is reporting faults well below the threshhold.

You can try a low-level format, and it may well solve your problem. I'm still a bit suspicious that this is happening, but if you try to RMA it Maxtor might well suggest you do that first anyway. As far as your backup issues, the only suggestion I can make is to try to get your replacement pre-shipped (usually requires a credit card for security, don't recall how Maxtor does it) so you can transfer your data to the new drive before you return the old one.

Maxtor is usually pretty good to deal with RMAs in my experience, so you likely won't have any trouble getting them to replace it while still under warranty.



I went to the place I got my HDD from (no names mentioned ;) ) and I told them the problem.

I told them that I needed to backup the 30+ Gb of data but I had nowhere to back it up to. They said that I could take the new HDD and keep the old one so I can transfer the data to the new one and then give the old one back after formatting it:confused:

ANyway they took £30 deposit (half the price of the new HDD) and I am going on Monday to give in the wrecked |HDD and also get my deposit back.



blah :(

My motherboard does NOT detect the new Maxtor 40Gb HDD.

It detects it in the bios but when I go to the XP recovery console to format it, it just isnt there.

I tried the MAP command and it only detects my CDROM, CD-WRITER and the C Drive HDD but not the secondary slave new 40Gb HDD>

This is my first time installing a fresh new HDD. I HAVE set the jumpers to slave and connected it to IDE1 slave.

What can I do :confused:

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You can't format it until you have made a partition !! If are using Fat32 then you can boot with a 98 boot disk and then run fdisk. Not sure how to do it under ntfs :confused:


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Jesus Dude!

You're having all kinds of problems arent you! Have you created a partition on the new drive yet? New HDs generally don't have partitions on them when you buy them. Use Fdisk to create a new partition(s) and then format. I lost my IBM 60 gig last night with all my data (20 gigs of MP3s etc) on it. I'm severely bummed. I had to do a low level format (which takes about 8 hours) and then repartition/format/OS it.

Better Luck to You!



OH YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!

Figured it out ALL by MYSELF :D

I used the Windows XP Disk Manager and created a parition from within WinXP and then formatted using NTFS file system.

I am now currently transferring all the 37.6 Gb data to the new drive and total time for it to transfer is 96 Minutes.

Thank God I am saved!!!!!!! :) and so is my DATA!!!!

Now on Monday I get my money back and I am sorted.

Thanks to all that helped ;)


Originally posted by Gnu
Good on ya, Gouk! Glad to see you're all sorted.
Thanks man :)

I was worried I was going to lose all that data and I wa panicking like anything :eek:

I just verified all the data I copied over and everythings checked out ok. All MD5 & CRC checksums are ok on all the files.

Once again thx. Now I know where to go when I have hardware problems :)

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