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I don't know if this is the correct forum but here goes anyway. I recently downloaded a trial version of Flash Mx to try out and my problem is this, I have now bought the full version of this program and installed it, whenever I try and activate it, the bloody trial version keeps on appearing saying my time has expired. I did uninstall the trial version!!! I keep getting a message that says there is a locked file called flash mx. it is located in c:program files\macromedia\flashmx\

How can i fix this.

I am new to computers so a step by step guide would be very welcome.

Merry Xmas


what is a registry cleaner?

As i said, i am new to computers and i don't know what a registry cleaner is



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First thing to check is in your Control Panel --> Add or Remove Programs and see if it is listed. If so, remove it. Try to run the paid version then.

If that doesn't work, try Regclean. You can get Regclean here .


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Originally posted by gothic
Go along to http://www.macromedia.co/support and look for the contact us label. You will have to fill out a little form with you personal details, and then a box outlining your problem... just follow your nose, it couldn't be easier.

That would be the way to do since you paid for the version you have now. Thay should help you out.


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Hi brintonwhite,

First of welcome to the community :happy:

You could give this reg cleaner a try [see attached]

Its M$ own version and simple to use

Hope this helps you



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Did you type in the regestration code in the full version or in the trial version to see if that unlocks it???

Also uninstall the proggy and reinstall it in another directory, not the same one that had the trial version. Go into "Control Panel" and uninstall both versions (trial and Full). Then reinstall.

The icon/link may be pointing to the trial version and not the full version??? Maybe???

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