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25 Apr 2002
im panicking here....i just tried to boot up my pc and it gave me an error while trying to log into my user. the error message was as follows:

"Windows Write Delay Failed
Windows was unable to save all the data to c:\$mft [or other times it would be c:\windows]. The data has been lost. This failure may be caused by a failure of your computer's hardware or network connection. Please try to save this file elsewhere."

Now, this surprised me because just today in the morning I was using my pc and listening to music like nothing was wrong. I didnt install any software and I only used the pc in the morning, and its been off the rest of the day.
I tried rebooting to see what happened, and strangely enough, chkdsk was activated. It started scanning my c drive first. I let it scan and it found some errors (which havent been there before). I looked at the info after it finished scanning and it said:

Correcting errors in the MFT's BITMAP Attribute
Correcting errors in the volume bitmap
Windows has made corrections to the file system.

Afterwards it scanned my other partitions e and f, and it gave the same messages as in drive c (I only have one hard drive, 120 gb, split into three partitions). Its now stuck in a loop....I boot it up, it gives the errors, reboots on its own about a minute after the error appears, then chkdsk comes in, checks all 3 partitions, goes to logon screen and it starts again with the error....I'm freaking out here cuz I have a ton of info that hasnt been backed up.

any ideas on why this happened? and more importantly, how to fix it without losing my data? i wouldnt mind erasing the c drive, but in the e and f partitions i have everything important and im afraid they may be affected too...

thx for any ideas!!
nope, nothing of the sort....as i said, i just used the pc in the morning without installing anything in it, and then the error appeared when i came back home and turned it on. (i wouldnt put sp2 beta on my main machine anyway)
just go to bootdisk.com and download a windows me bootdisk and format the c: drive then all you have to do is install windows again and your other drives will be left intact
or even easier... just boot from the XP CD and format the C partition, then re-install XP.. no need for a bootdisk of any sort that way. Chances are, his drives are NTFS and the ME bootdisk wouldn't see them properly anyway. Problem is, if his drive has any underlying problems, doing that just isn't going to fix them... might let him boot into windows and figure out what to do from there (about backing up his data) but won't do anything to alleviate the underlying problems.
or even easier boot from the xp cd and go to the recovery console and use that to rebuild the master file table.

reformatting should always be the last option.
if i use the recovery console and use the fixmbr command it gives me an error saying that my partition table isnt normal. if i go on with this, will it render the other partitions unreadable?
oh yeah, one other thing, should i use fixmbr on only the c partition or on all three? that error message freaked me out when it said that my data might become unreadable.

well you could also make that hdd the slave on another system and get the data off, if you are feeling a little unsure.
im gonna do that too, just in case...
so in the recovery console i just use fixmbr on the c partition or on all 3 partitions?
I am God, it is not dead.

Smap smap smap.


EP has it sorted I think, the recovery console has saved me many times...
ok, i just did it only on the c and it didnt work. im gonna do it on the other partitions and see what happens. if it doesnt work, is there anything else can i do or am i just left with formatting the c partition?
Just put your Hard Drive in another computer and set it as slave and back up all of your files to the other hard drive. EP said this earlier on here.

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