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NAG !! ROTFLMAO muhhahahahhahahhaha

Hey you are already thinking about it the whole point was to put that mental image in your mind and IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!



Well myself I aint into shagging anyone else other than my fiance, as for you pervs thinking about going with a Woman older than my mother and your grandmother, I can only think before I fall off to sleep tonight, I hope you aint thinking of her, now that would make a mess :p


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I aint shagging anyone but my girlfriend but just think of Salma Hayek or Kelly Hu...you can't help but imagine what it would be like


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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will do Lee...but I can't believe you don't know who salma hayek is...she is not just an american thing ;)

edit...here you go unless I have to resize them

kelly hu left (was in Scorpion King{never saw it})
Salma Hayek Right (movies include Frida, Dusk til Dawn, Dogma...and many more)


Bit Mutton those two, if you like that sort of thing. Never heard of em, I don't really watch TV.


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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Electronic Punk said:
Salma Hayek was best in Desperado... everything since then has been downhill.
correct but have you seen Frida?
It's a faily decent movie, she has to look exactly like the artist Frida but she hot as a woman with a unibrow(go figure) and also she's naked for a good part of the movie

also I'm not to big on actually caring how good a movie with Salma Hayek is, I'm just more than happy to watch it anyway

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