Oh God Help Me ...



Seems I have chosen to quit smoking. I have 3 left and after that I am done. In Pa. they have increased the tax on cigarettes again and I am sick of paying all this money to the government. I pay enough.
So if you have any suggestions on how to deal with the DT's please let me know ASAFP !!!!

Already have gum and hard candy. So we shall see.

FYI - I wont be posting for a bit so that I dont make anyone suffer. :D


I smoked for years and quit cold turkey. I still smoke every once in awhile when I'm drinking, but other than that I kicked the habit of smoking a pack a day. The best advice I can give is to stay away from people who are smoking. I had to even quit hanging out with some of my friends that smoked for awhile. Out of sight out of mind I guess. It's a lot easier to quit when you're not surrounded by it. Anyway, good luck!


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I pay $23.99 a carton in Dallas, about $10 lower then Tucson.

Good Luck |PK|. My best advice ... SEX SEX SEX!! Satisfy that oral fixation :D


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I totally agree with Brandi, stay away from smokers for a while if you can, and if you get a craving, go outside and take a few deep breaths of fresh air....believe it or not, it helps. Don't smoke at all at work, mostly because I'm too lazy to get up from my desk and go out to the smoking area...and I've cut myself down to a just few cigs after work, and thats only because I have to sit and watch wifey puff away :)


I am lucky because the wife dosent smoke. I dont work so going out for one is null and void. I do have to go out today which will the tough part since I pass by 50 7-11's...


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Ahh, lucky you, I know I could quit for good if I didn't have to watch the wife smoking. But, she turns into Super-*itch when she tries to go without. The kids and I have agreed that we value our lives more than her health, so, puff away, darling! :D

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