oh baby...64 bit laptop cheap!

got to admit, I tried it in the shop, didn't show any speed over my iddy bitty athlon 22oo


been meaning to get my dad a laptop...gonna give him mine and power this baby home
Laptops never perform like a desktop. Their performance is usually 3/4 of that of a desktop with the same spec.
I'm talking about my laptop ming...this 64 didn't seem faster

I still want it though
Of course it's not faster, 64-bit isn't. Throw some insanely huge strings and numbers at it to crunch, then maybe it will process quicker, but running 32-bit applications in a 32-bit environment.. you may as-well just stick with a good ol' 32-bit chip.

64-bit is nothing to get excited about, and won't be for quite a while.
Well, I'll tell ya, regardless of performance, it's still a damn good deal for any laptop. I noticed eMachines makes it. [Keanu]Whoah[/Keanu]
you have to trick it out :)

my cpu does not seem that much faster than my 1900+ athlon was till I tweaked some settings... this is for desktop use only... for gaming it is noticeably faster :D
Hate to tell anyone this, but eMachines and Advent are two of the worse brands you can go for when it comes to laptops. They often break down due to hardware faults.
However, lucky for you, eMachines is not as bad as Advent though. :)
tis about time they learnt to use a fan that would last the warranty init....

my 1st pooter, advent, fan lasted about 2 days :s
hehe. I had an Advent laptop that had to be sent back for repairs every two months. I found that they had HD faults when scandisk (using DOS 6.2).
They kept swapping the mobo, cpu and HD. But it still kept breaking down.
Nice price...although I really have no need for a 64-bit processor at the moment. ;)

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