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Official You Suck thread

Perris Calderon

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posts count on this thread.

Osama bun Ladden...howz your life?...you suck

late night obrian...learn how to tell a joke...you suck

aol...figure it out...we don't want to use your browser...you suck

msn...stop nagging me...you suck

netzero...free forever?...you suck

millenium...you just suck

george bush...learn the language...you suck

al gore...no mas, no mas, (related to duran, are ya)...you suck
rap music- i hate you - you suck

evil kids from the ghetto who think they are better then everyone else- you suck

school food- its not meat or poatoes- you suck

my ex girlfriend- you suck

MS- anything- you suck

lack of money- you suck

summer time- you suck

fish- you suck

smelly people with bad breath- you suck

drugs- you suck

halloween- you suck, you aren't even a holiday! " hey, lets sell people huge amounts of candy... " It's a reason for companies to sell ****. you suck.

dying harddrives- you really suck

most people at school- i hate you all- you suck

war- i hate you, you suck.

nuclear weapons, bio chem weapons, and anything immensly distructive- you suck

my speakers- you suck

my noisy router- you suck. die.

my room- its too big- you suck

pimp mobiles- you suck.

whores- yea, you suck too

American president- you aren't my president. nazi - die- you suck

crappy free webhosting- you suck

windows xp- you suck

kazaa- too slow, you suck

lazyness- you suck

popups and spam- you suck

mindless killing- you suck

hate- you suck sometimes

love- you suck sometimes too

guys- you suck. most of you. that i know. you suck.

people that are very optimistic- you suck

people that are too pessemistic- you suck too

people that dont care about anything - you suck

suicide- you really suck

( I have more still )


Kazaa what a piece of crap you suck
P2P another piece of crap it all sucks
pubstros slow ones suck
downloading full programs archive is screwy sucks
cable ISP saying i use to much bandwidth you suck

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
norton av...you bog my start time...you suck

norton firewall...you bog my internet connection...you suck

my lactose intolerant friends...ha...you suck
Not at all. No gas. Just instantly sends me to the bathroom for hours.

Not that you needed to know that, but, I felt the gas part needed a correction, although it was quite funny.


OSNN Veteran Original
you suuuuck sukk
you suuuuck sukk
you suuuuck sukk
you suuuuck sukk
you suuuuck sukk
you suuuuck sukk
you suuuuck sukk
you suuuuck sukk
you suuuuck sukk
you suuuuck sukk
you suuuuck sukk
you suuuuck sukk
you suuuuck sukkyou suuuuck sukkyou suuuuck sukkyou suuuuck sukkyou suuuuck sukkyou suuuuck sukk

*sorry that was my tourettes**not sure how to spell it*
b_man- you spam, you suck
dealer- you dont suck, i like this thread

waiting for things to happen for too long- you suck

cold fingers that make typing a nightmare- you suck

broken speakers- you suck

writing on the wall that won't come off- you suck.

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