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Official NV40 thread


F@H - Is it in you?
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Post discussions/pictures/specs and reviews as they come forth since today is the official launch date...

absolutely no fanboi-ish discussion will be tolerated so check that @ the door before posting

This is the first meaningful [p]review out there...

  • 16-pipeline superscalar architecture with 6 vertex modules, DDR3 support and real 32-bit pipelines
  • PCI Express x16, AGP 8x support
  • 222 million transistors
  • 400MHz core clock
  • Chips made by IBM
  • 0.13µm process


Electronic Punk

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Interesting to compare it to leaked ATI documents:

Looking at the release dates for the first new ATI cards, I guess we are going to have hard data on the next gen of cards before the end of the month.

Both cards (top end that is) seem to both use DDR3 memory as well as both having 16 pipelines.

Edit - I see you got the pics working - those Asus cards look sweet.

I think I am gonna try and wait another month before decided who I go with and get my HDD updated. Course my 9800 Pro is now away being RMAed so that makes it even harder for me to wait!! :D

Looks like the new nvidia cards only come with DVi, hopefully they also ship with convertors for those of us that don't have TFTs or Plasma!


F@H - Is it in you?
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unlikely ati's first card will be 16 pipes though...

r420 released will be 12 pipes...

I am a little confused by nv's core clock as the pre-launch advertising was for around 500mhz... 400mhz core is a little odd... not sure if that is for the vanilla or the ultra version...

Electronic Punk

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Yeah, 12 pipes, with the "cheaper" version in June having 8.

I will prob go for the top version of either, well the top at 8x agp, not splashing out on another motherboard so soon just to get PCIX
Electronic - why not check if they will let you do a trade up to the next gen cards off the RMA'd 9800? The deal may suck but it's worth asking.
As The Card Is Getting Officially Announced After The Geforce Lan Party, What Time does That Finish in Uk time please.



Quote From Above Site: Whoops I got this wrong. As you know the NDA on NVIDIA's next generation GPU, the NV40 or GeForce 6800 Ultra, will expire at 9 AM EST April 14th. Be sure you are around when it does as we will be providing the goodies as well as links to other websites with NV40 previews/reviews.


F@H - Is it in you?
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there are several leaked slides from [H] on the internet @ the moment..

out of courtesy to [H]ardOCP I won't post the slides but suffice to say its a pretty decent performer... AA is now on par with Ati's and there is a new AF mode...

last official word I heard was 9AM EST april 14th... I spose its been pushed back a bit...


F@H - Is it in you?
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something to amuse you lot :)

keep in mind it is a FAKE spoof of what was leaked :D

ergo the number 1337 and UR MOM are not representative of real performance... :cool:


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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read at the tomshardware review...the molex connectors need to be with two dedicated atx connectors and the psu needs to be minimally 480 watts...wow that is a hog...looking into the 6800 non ultra whenever the reviews come out


F@H - Is it in you?
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dave's done a really thorough job on his review and it appears the card is a true 16x1/32x0 setup and the extra units are providing pretty good performance wrt shaders...


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