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I have a fresh install of win xp and office xp but office xp seems to be very buggy. My outlook has problems sending emails now. It recieves emails just fine but when I have to send something, it will give errors for a while and it will send later. I have no clue what is wrong. Also with access, some times it runs very slow. Going from not responding to finishing up the process. Does anyone have any clue on what is wrong, how i can fix this, or where i can find a list of office xp bugs? thanx in advance
as far as the outlook sending problems, it might be your smtp server acting up, and outlook can't connect at first. Also, if you have any antivirus programs checking outgoing email, you might want to turn that off and see if it helps
Check your smtp settnigs but also...

Are yuo running a virus checker that has integrated itself with outlook?

I remember Norton had done that and replaced the smtp settings with its own symantec one

Set up your outgoing mail properly... and if you are behind a LAN/proxy set itt up so that it will bypass it m8.


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