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Office XP installation problems.


Long gone and now back!
I can't install Office XP on my machine. The error I get is that OFFICE1.CAB is missing. Of course it is there, so I tried again by changing drive. Same error. I copied the CD to the harddrive using IsoBuster 1.1 anf got the error that the CD was damaged. Checked but found no scratches. Downloaded an illegal copy and burned it on a CD. Still the same error. Seems strange.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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Which means Eproxus I think is asking how , what steps, you took to fix it? How did you reinstall the installer package? Would be interesting for me to know anyway. :confused:


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First off Eproxus, try cleaning your CD Rom Drive. A dirty lens can cause probs. Second if you D/L it then burned it to a CD it may be a bad D/L. Third it could have copied to the HD incorrectly which still could be a dirty CD ROM Lens prob. Keep trying to install it from the CD and not from the HD. Also check to see that the target for OFFICE1.CAB is pointing to the location where it is at. And last but not least check for case sensitive problem, ie... If the error popup says, "OFFICE1.CAB is missing", and it is labeled as, "Office 1.cab or Office1.cab or office_1.cab, etc... You would be suprised as to how trivial the oversite can be.

Good Luck. :)

Oh yeah, You shouldn't D/L illegal copies of Office XP. What's wrong with you??? :p


Long gone and now back!
1. I've managed to install it yesterdat, used one of Micro$ofts guides located at article Q314810 (the second alternative)

2. I'll check my lense, I've had problems with other CDs too. Thanks goonad!

(Btw, how do you clean the lense?)

3. "Which means?" is asked in reply to the phrase: "incorrectly installed 'Installer Package'" because I didn't understande what you meant.


Beware the G-Man
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Just go out and buy a CD Cleaner, (the ones that are used for CD Players... They also have for CD ROM Drives.). Any Stereo or Computer Store should have them. Just ask them for the one for CD ROM Drives.

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