Office Space


Stranger Than Fiction
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Jan 30, 2004
God I love this movie.

So I'm watching it tonight. Again. And something hits me. What operating system do they run at Initech? Dumb question I know but I can't figure it out. I see Windows icons & Mac icons and their might be others. Anyone know? Or am I the only person who watches a movie so many times that these little things actually matter?


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Apr 21, 2004
Ha, im the same way with movies, always cathing little bloopers and what not...but im not sure what os it is..

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Hey ep!

All good with me, applying for microsoft mvp right now, should have done this a while ago.

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Ep, glad to see you come back and tidy up...did want to ask a one day favor, I want to enhance my resume , was hoping you could make me administrator for a day, if so, take me right off since I won't be here to do anything, and don't know the slightest about the board, but it would be nice putting "served administrator osnn", if can do, THANKS

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All good still mate?
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