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Office Shortcut Bar Lookalike


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Hi am looking for a office Shortcut bar program which looks the same or does the same function, in sitting in the top right hand corner

I am running W2K Pro

Just don't want to install Office on just to get this Apps, as i am using Star Office


I may actually be insane.
If the office bar is like what i think it is then you can try this :

Make a new folder (we'll use c:\shortcuts for the example) and put shortcuts to all the apps you want in there.

Next right click your taskbar, then "toolbars" and then "new toolbar..."

When presented with the location box enter in "c:\shortcuts" and click ok.

you will now have a folder on your task bar, so right click you taskbar and make sure "lock the taskbar" is NOT ticked, then click on the end of your newly created taskbar-folder, and drag it onto the desktop.

You can now re-size it into a bar shape or whatever shape you desire..

Hope that helps ;)


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Cheers for the info, but still don't give the same feel as the MS Shortcut bar, might have to byte the bullet and install all thoose lovely MS Office DLL's lol


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Try this little program, it puts all of your desktop icons in a menu in the systray. It is a little one file program that you can put in any folder including the desktop. Run it, then set it to hide desktop icons. Right click it and all your plrograms are available. Great for when you have a nice wallpaper you want to look at without all the icons covering it up.

I tried to attache the program in a zip file, but it says the file is too big. The zip file is only 110kb so I don't know why it thinks it is over 1 MB.

If anyone wants this FREE little handy program, please email me and I will send it to you.

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