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Office:Mac 2008


I may actually be insane.
Just installed the beta. It's sooooooooooooooooo much better than the last/current version.

There's plenty of unnecessary fancy-ness in the form of shiny widgets and transition animations, though the new window layouts more than make up for it by putting everything into one interface, rather than the previous all-over-the-place approach.


I may actually be insane.
It is indeed universal. Though, I'm actually using it on my iBook, I'll likely get round to installing it on the Mini at the weekend.

Matt, I've not tried entourage yet. I'll give it a whirl though :)


I may actually be insane.
Just gave it quick whirl, it's definitely a huge improvement, though I don't think it'll be replacing Mail anytime soon (Mostly because I do not need all that Entourage offers).

Some screen captures...

It is indeed universal
Hoorah, so it doesn't absolutely blow chunks when run on Intel then. The main reason i stopped using Office, aside from the lack of requirement to produce .doc files or read .xls files, was that I despised running anything through Rosetta.

and no, it definitely ain't pages ;)

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