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I have been tweaking my services.msc for the past couple days and have it almost perfect, as minimal as I can have it. The only (hopefully last problem) thing that is wrong now is when I start up an document in office I get this error message.

Which service do I need to change back to automatic for it to go away? I have been trying to re enable some and try each one, but it takes awhile. I searched google as well with no luck.
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In general I agree with Zombie.. disabling of services really doesn't do much to improve performance.. and leads to other issues.. like the one you have now.

To fix your current issue, try enabling the DCOM Server Process Launcher service..
Fitz, that fixed my current issue, thanks.

Now I knew that there are many people who say you get improvement on things and people who say you don't. I have done it in the past and got some. I am learning which ones are good to keep on this system.

At the moment it has sorta krippled my startup. Everything works, but on the blue welcome screen, it sits at that for 10 or so seconds longer then it did before.

What major services that is disabled could slow it down at startup?
This whole services thing was really only a major player IMO a few years ago. With the resources machines have these days, I really don't think the potential trade-offs are worth it. Looking at your sig although I don't know your system RAM, I would doubt that tweaking any services would make a noticeable difference besides maybe a few seconds at boot at best. Another thing I used to do back in the day was to configure XP for "Best Performance" which turned off themes and other bells and whistles. Again, not even worth considering these days, but that's just my .02
Thanks K, I just noticed I didn't put my RAM in my signature, it's 3GB so these services probably don't make much difference, but I still have it done. I am not sure if it still hangs on startup now. I will have to test that.
i still turn of services, even on vista - dunno why just habit i suppose from when i was on xp, suppose with a amd 64x2 4200 and 3gb of ram i have no need too
I still have a very long startup at the welcome screen.

Which services do you think I should put back on to fix this?
try defrag c: /b - this will place all files needed to boot at the front of the drive - i get that from time to time - i also defrag the registry from time to time
Here this will reset your services to the defaults


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Thanks for the Shamus, didn't really want to set them back to default but I guess I have too.
So everything is running normal and services are back to default.

Now the real reason I was playing around with it is because I'd really like a faster bootup. Now besides normal services I have like 5 things that start up, so its minimal things I can have not running on startup, and they aren't big either.

What can I do to speed bootup time? To get me into windows faster? Anything?
So you have to see what is taking the most time which BootVis will show you. It may be you can not change what is taking so much time to boot. Bootvis also has an "Optimize boot files" option which may help.
What exactly are you trying to speed up? The amount of time the XP/Vista splash screen is there? Or, the amount of time it takes for your desktop to finish loading? Both?
I removed the loading screen awhile ago.

Once the blue welcome screen is gone, its ready to go in like 1.5 seconds or so.

It just slow (at least 2 me) from everything before that.

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