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Office 2010 - opinions?


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Has anyone (on this forum) been able to get their hands on the technical preview?
I was wondering what you think of it (if you got it). From the screenshots posted on the net, I don't think I like the idea of Backstage (replacement for the Orb) - I very much prefer using the Orb a) because it's inline with all other menu beaviours (ie. a drop down menu) and b) because it allows the worksheet to remain visible at all times.


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I've used it a little bit but not as much as I will be doing soon. There are some weird changes in Outlook and the message headers that I was caught off guard with a little bit. Other than that, no real complaints so far :)


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Been too busy looking and playing with windows 7 lately (not to mention a new MPLS network, planning a data center move, and putting in new PRI's at all our locations) to install office 2010 previews..

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