Office 2010 Beta available on MSDN/Technet


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I am downloading the beta that is now available. Still thinking about grabbing Visio 2010 while I am at it, but I'll probably wait.

I am intrigued by some of the features being touted for 2010 :D

Fyi, the downloads are for Professional Beta, x86 or x64.



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just installed x64 bit today and am starting to play with it too..

on a side note, kind of silly that it requires you uninstall EVERY 32-bit office product before it lets you install the x64 bit version.

edit: oh.. just downloaded the visio 2010 also and will be installing that tomorrow.. maybe tonight if I feel motivated enough.


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I installed the x64 version from the beta public site. Fell in love with the TP so I had to get this one. Love it, fast, clean.


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Well you guys go and complain about the office programs I don't know about.

I will enjoy my fast Word, Excel and Powerpoint lol
At the risk of sounding like an advertisement, I like the features, improvements and robustness of Office 2007 and 2010, but I use Addintools' Classic Menu for Office 2007 since I'm an old dog and am resistant to learning new tricks. They have a beta (albeit, old...from June) for Office 2010, as well. You can still use the ribbon just as well, and switch back and forth on the fly with little effort. When I was more heavily using Excel, I was actually switching back and forth depending on which options I was looking for. Some were easier to find on the ribbon, other more common were of course easy for me to remember where they were in the old menu system.

FYI if you follow any other links to their homepage and beyond you might reach a similar download page as the one I provided, but the download links (at least for Classic Menu for Office 2010) didn't work.

They also have separate Classic Menu programs for many individual Office programs, in case you are only concerned with, for example, Word. The price of an individual appears to be half of what the whole Classic Menu for Office package would cost.

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