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Office 2007

What are your system specifications? Which Windows version and how much RAM mainly? Does Windows still boot at a reasonable speed?

Do you use Hibernate/Standby much? If so have you tried a regular full reboot?
Run defrag. MS makes a mess out of my disk slowing things down after SP's and major patches. LAPTOPs have slow disks so it is even more pronounced.

And is this an XP or VISTA machine.
Even more worse if indexing is enabled (by default on Vista, manually on XP).

Don't get me wrong, indexing has it's place. On my old workhorse I do have indexing enabled because I have a lot of old crap and my folder hierarchy is so complicated sometimes it's not fully intuitive.

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i always turn off search and indexing on vista, if i want to find something i look in the 4 folders i put stuff, music, pictures, videos, docs :p


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What is your antivirus? Does it open quickly for blank files? Might be something trying to scan the files before opening them.

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