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Office 2007 to Change File Extensions


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The new file formats will be default file formats for Office 2007 but they will also be backward compatible to Microsoft Office 2000 using Office 2007 Compatibility Mode.


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Thanx for the info guys. Good to hear. With the way M$ has been acting it wouldn't surprise me if they didn't make it backwards compatible.


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Microsoft has never stopped support for old extensions, with any of their applications. Not quite sure what you are thinking of.
Actually, if you think about it, it would have the opposite effect (which is why I called it suicidal). If corporations, or even individual customers, have hundreds or thousands of files that were created in Office 2003 or earlier, and the files won't open in Office 2007, they simply won't touch Office 2007. After all, the stored data is just too important to lose, and Office 2003 isn't going anywhere.

That's precisely why Microsoft has always been very careful with backwards-compatibility issues; even today, you can run Windows 95 era applications on XP, and open Office 97 files with Office 2003.


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Johnny said:
I was talking about a way for them to force people to move to the new office suite, Matt.
Maybe, since it is such a big company that they will still make there profit and all, but I have to go with NetRyder on this one, they would lose too many people if they didn't make it compatible.


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Johnny, simply put, if you don't like it, don't buy it. Linux and Mac have other solutions available to you. Stop complaining and accept the fact that they don't answer to you.

You're not a typical computer user, but sometimes you act like one. You should know better.
Johnny said:
I was talking about a way for them to force people to move to the new office suite, Matt.
simple, they stop selling the old one. then office et al get bundled or optional extra'd with new computers, soon enough there is a critical mass of office 2k7 users that other people will want to upgrade for various reasons...


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Actually, the following file formats are backwards compatible to as far as Office 2000 by default:

Word Document (.docx)
Word Macro-enabled Document (.docm)
Excel Workbook (.xlsx)
Excel Macro-enabled Workbook (.xlsm)
Excel Template (.xltx)
Excel Macro-enabled Template (.xltm)
Excel binary Workbook (.xlsb)
Excel Add-in (.xlam)
PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx)
PowerPoint Macro-enabled Presentation (.pptm)
PowerPoint Slide Show (.ppsx)
PowerPoint Macro-enabled Slide Show (.ppsm)
PowerPoint Template (.potx)
PowerPoint Macro-enabled Presentation Template (.potm)

Other than that, you may need a reader.

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