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Office 2003


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
Bulkware is what I think - and annoying activation. Honestly, Office 97 sufficed the average home/office user. Freeware forever - SotOffice (Open Office)
Originally posted by coathanger007
Better than those in freeware Firebird or k9 or mailwasher etc?
Both Thunderbird and Outlook 2003 use the Bayesian filtering system to sort out junk mail. So in theory, both of them should be equally effective. I've tried both, and they do a great job :)

However, I prefer OpenOffice.org as my office suite and Thunderbird as my mail client...simply because they're open-source and free, and do the job equally well (and better in some areas) in most cases.

Jason Roberts

I like how Microsoft develops their Office suites. They' are good and creates very good professional files. I do have the beta 2 package installed into Windows XP Pro partition. Very good. Have not found any bugs yet to date. I am considering purchasing the upgrade version of the Office 2003 Pro as I needed Access as well.


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
OK, so the advantage is that it's pretty. Anyone have screenshots to show off this beauty contestant? I'm having second thoughts about downloading the massive leaked 600MB beta iso on my dialup. What's the time limit?


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
Nothing that great - just a new skin to add a little colour. Quite superficial. Doesn't look like much has changed at all. Doesn't convince me to switch over.


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
Originally posted by Enyo
There are some nice feature additions also but seeming as you have stated your intenet to download it and not buy i doubt MS will be too upset at your choice not to use there products :p

I would say however the upgrade from OXP to 2003 is not a huge leap.
I didn't quite get the meaning. Did you mean intention instead of intenet? If so, I don't intend to download or use it unless someone comes up with a really convincing argument. Big Bill may be concerned if my views are the same as the multitudes who are still satisfied with Office 97 or Opensource.


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
I'd be interested to know the stats. I have a hunch that many businesses may still be using Office 97 or 2000 but I'd be interested if anyone can give solid statistical evidence to back this up or prove the contrary.

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